Slots Online Guidance

Slots Online Guidance

Slots games have gained tremendous popularity as they do not require any special skill. Also known as one-armed bandits the goal of the game is to spin the reels so that the symbols line up in a winning combination also known as “payline”.

Feed the slots

In the early 19thy century enterprising American Charles Fey began manufacturing slot machines. Born on the 2nd of February 1862 he discovered his passion for mechanical machines while he was working in a factory in Germany.

Being addicted to this game Fey manufactured the first three-reel slot machine with bells which was called “Liberty Bell”.

This machine resembles today’s slot machines. The machine was designed with three reels, each with 20 symbols and it is the forerunner of today’s five reel machines.

Today’s machines are more complex. The simple mechanical devices which were holding only a few symbols have evolved to microprocessor-controlled devices with five reels and more than a hundred symbols.

During the 1930’s slot machines started to become more popular in the United States and in the late 1940’s it became a way to entertain the wives and girlfriends of high rollers. It was the Flamingo Hilton hotel in Las Vegas where this game was first introduced. First seen only as a standard game soon it became a way of earning a lot of money for casinos.

There is a payout table listed on the machine as well where the players need to collect their winnings from.

Types of slot machines

Over the years slots have developed into different types of machines. Basically there are two types : flat tops or straight slots, and progressives. These machines are essentially the same the only difference between them is that progressive slots have a jackpot allowing players to win more money. Casinos often have a large variety of slot machines.

The player can choose to play either on a three-reeled machine or on a for-five reeled machine. The greater the reels and symbols are the harder is it to hit the jackpot or any other combination.

Initially the game used to be fruit-themed but today slots have many different themes. The game is played for as little as 5 cents but there are casinos where players can play for $100 at a time. Fashionable slot machines like do not use coins anymore but cards and the player can see the credit on a digital display on the machine.

There are also people who prefer to play slots online from their homes. They can sit comfortably at home and see their credits and winning on a big screen.

If you have never played this game before don’t be afraid. Slots is one of the easiest game to play and it became one of the online casinos’ most popular game.

Before you start to play you have to place a bet, which can vary from one, two or more coins. After you have placed your bet you simply click a button to spin the wheels or pull the arm on the reel slot machine. You have to wait until the machine stops to see if you win or lose.

You will win only if the symbols line up on the payline in a winning combination which is usually listed on the pay table. The paylines differ from machine to machine and it is believed that a slot machine that just gave a big payout will not pay out again for a while.

The result of each spin is determined by a computer program even if you are playing the game online or in casinos. There are machines that reward you for playing the maximum number of coins. If you for some reason do not want to play the maximum coins you can move down to a machine that accepts lower value coins.

A good strategy when playing slots is to try to change your bet size. This gives you the chance to win more money and if you are lucky you can hit the higher payline when you are on higher bets.

Important things to be kept in mind:

  • you should know where you stand at all times
  • do not play credits play coins and this way you can always track where you stand
  • do not accept to play just any machine, learn what machine is better for you and stick with it
  • always try to achieve more and do not be afraid of playing on high end machines even the 5.00 slots

All this is also true in the case of online slots, but there are also some extras to your benefit, you have a greater variety of games, and once you get bored of one you can simply click through to another.

Maybe you will loose in the beginning but the more you play the better you become.

Don’t be afraid and try it, unless you are afraid you might get addicted to it.

May the Goddess of fortune be with you!